Stars in their Eyes


It’s Christmaaaas! Well nearly in exactly 85 days or there about, and I decided it was time to get a head start on my Christmas makes. Last year I made a lot of scarves and mittens, this year I wanted to make some decorations. I bought a lovely little book in the summer. It’s called ’20 Mini Christmas Makes’ by Sue Stratford. It’s really sweet and it has lots of little quick things to make, like Christmas trees, Christmas puddings and wreaths. I plan to make a few of everything and spread someย woollyย Christmas cheer this year. For my frst few experiments I started with stars.

So I made some stars. These stars are made for tree decorations or hanging up in the home. It’s a relatively easy pattern to follow, you make the five points, or triangles and then place them on stitch holders and then you knit them all as one decrease to make the middle and hey presto a star. You make 2 sides and stitch together in garter stitch. I’ve decorated these with buttons, jingle bells and ribbon and they’re really great for using up odd ends of wool that need using up. I did buy some metallic gold crochet wool to make the stitches round the edge.

The first one is made with a chunky marbled red wool, so is a bit larger and sturdier than the other two. I decorated it with a wooden button sewn on with the golden thread. I then stuffed them with toy filling.

The other two are made with DK wool in red and green, I decorated them with the gold thread and a bow with a bell I saved off a Lindor Rabbit last Christmas. (Yes I do save the bells off Lindor chocolates). The third one I decorated with red thread and a spotty red and white ribbon. I think they’re nice and I plan on making lots of different woolly decorations for my tree and the trees of other’s this year, and I’m on the hunt for sequin wool to make some more sparkly ones.

Whilst I made these stars, I also knitted up a snowman just for kicks.


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  1. I like the stars a lot. They are kind of rustic. My local shop sells a wool called Twinkle that has a shiny thread through it. I made some red stockings from it last year and it works well, a bit of subtle sparkle!

  2. Thanks for your very kind comments! They were a little experiment of mine. I didn't like the snowman at first but I think he is cute after all. Thanks for the tip for the sparkly wool I will hunt some down! xxx

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