Happy Feet


I have done it! I cannot contain my excitement! I have finally knitted…drum roll please…..a sock! socks two

It has taken me nearly 2 years to build up the courage to attempt a sock. I always put it off and put it off as I was afraid of the four needles and knitting in the round. Then it came to it, my husband had had enough and he wanted his socks I promised him ages ago. But where to begin?

Now I had mastered the four needles to make egg cosies last Easter but they were only a few rows, a sock meant creating a heel and a toe and a cuff. I searched Ravelry which is a great site for patterns that other more established knitters have trialled and erred with, I found a simple pattern by Anna Hobbs which is perfect for beginners. The link should be below.


The pattern has 3 sizes, so I mad the largest size for my husband, and cast on 44 stitches for the cuff, its made up of a 1×1 rib which is meant to be the whole sock but I wanted to use stocking stitch after the cuff. Knitting in the round isn’t anything to be afraid of because with knitting in the round you only need to knit each row, no purling necessary to make stocking stitch.The difficult part of me was making the heel, half the stitches go onto a stitch holder and the rest are knitted flat for about 6-7 rows to make the heel and then you need to pick up stiches both sides to connect the heel with th


e rest of the cuff. and then as before it is knit and knit and knit. I’ve probably made that a lot more complicated than it needs to be but check out the pattern if you want to give sock a go too.

As it was a simple pattern I let the yarn do the talking and used Folksong Chunky by Sirdar in a blue and I think it looks really effective. My husband was very happy with his one sock, but of course the fear starts again with the second sock and the need for them to match. I once read in a book that a girl made socks for all her family in the 1930s and she had to make them all 3 pairs each, so taking her example i just got on with it. When they were finished they were so cosy and homey that I have had to start my own, and I am using some spare red Marble chunky wool that I had, so as the nights draw in this Autumn there will be some very happy feet in my house!sock in progress red with holder


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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Drop in anytime!

    Congratulations on your first pair of socks. Be very careful………..sock knitting is seriously addicting. As is collecting sock yarn, sock needles, etc, etc. 🙂

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