Oh Boy a boy!


I hbear boots and hat bomoave been knitting for babies again, this time I wanted to do a set of matching boots and hat. With the birth of the Royal baby boy there were suddenly lots of inspiring knitting patterns in magazines and I decided to knit a set for my sister’s nephew who was born in August recently, He was tiny at 7 pound 2 ounces and is a beautiful little boy. I found a pattern in Simply Knitting magazine which is closely becoming my favourite for a set in a really light cream for a bobble hat and boots and decided to make this.

I chose a cream from the Sirdar Snuggly range in shade 0303 which is a very similar buttery cream colour that was in the picture and I thought it would suit a very new born baby. The hat itself was quite simple stitched in garter stitch which decreased in rows to make the round shape. I finished it with a bobble that I made using my fingers and trimmed to shape.

the boots were made in 3 pieces, first making the solboots and hat bomoes using garter stitch and following the shape the second part making a piece that went over the top in garter and the third using stocking stitch to make a soft inner lining. the boots are then all stitched together and I am always surprised when the pieces come together to make an actual boot!

I couldn’t resist also adding a toy to the present and I called on my favourite pattern for a traditional teddy bear. Using the same wool I knitted a small cream bear. The pattern I really like is by Laura Long from Storytime Knits, one of the 3 bears. I made the Mummy bear one on size 4 needles so it was quite small. After I stuffed the bear I used baby blue wool to embroider the face of the bear and gave him a little belly button for character. I also stuffed the ears and put in a small piece of blue, pink and lilac striped material. This added a bit of a colour and texture to the bear and I think it worked really well.

I think they were slightly too big for him but i’m sure he will grow into them and they will keep him really cosy. I really enjoyed using Sirdar Snuggly wool its so soft and so easy to work with I will be looking for it in the future for my other projects for little babies.20130813_212942


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