Scarlet Woman


Hi There

well it has been a long time since we last spoke. I have been very busily knitting away, but unfortunately I can’t show you anything as it is for the dreaded Christmas List! I love Christmas I do, I really do, I also really love knitting for Christmas but this year I am finding it hard to get the time to get everything I wanted to do ready in time. I always start out with the best intentions and go through books and magazines to find the patterns I really need to knit in time for Christmas. But somehow this year’s list has got longer and longer that in a moment of stress I had to start a journal to keep everything together and also the perfectionist organiser in me did like the feel of a tick list. I have however managed to get something done recently which has been annoying me for months!

ImageI bought this beautiful scarlet Scarf yarn ages and ages and ages ago, I tried to knit with it and try as I might it kept defeating me, falling off the needles and generally making a mess so I put it away and forgot about it for a while. Then all of a sudden when I was ‘organising’ the wool stash it came to light again. I don’t know what it was about it that I did find so difficult?

It is a scarf yarn and they are very popular at the moment and every Wool and craft shop seem to have a few skeins of it in stock. It is wool that is weaved, some very clever way, into a honeycomb from tiny threads and is dyed in a rainbow of colours with different textures and accessories such as pom-poms and sequins even. The type I bought the many moons ago was a variant red, going from pink, red, orange and brown and I bought a 100 grams of it. Once you have figured it out Imageit is a bit of a no brainer as there isn’t much technical skill involved and it makes a lovely quick project with a great end result. I turned to my source of You Tube and found some lovely videos on Scarf Yarn, and basically what you do is you spread out the wool in your hand to spread out the honeycomb and then the with the top of the yarn, which I took to be the ribboned edge, you weave your needles through the honeycomb until you get 4-5 loops on your needle. Then to knit with it, the rest of the skein sits on your right, and you use your other needle to move the loop on your needle through the  rest of the skein folding it round and it somehow miraculously connects. I’m sure I have made it sound more complicated then it needs to be and there are so many videos on You Tube that will show you how to do it, with knitting I am such a visual learner and it always takes me a few goes.

The finished effect is a frilly scarf with lots of layers, I have made mine quite thin and long so you can get a lot of loops around your neck on it. After the fuss I had made when I first bought it and sulkily ignored it when I couldn’t do it, I enjoyed making it as a simple thing and would buy more in the future as they would easily make quick Christmas presents and even decorations for friends and family.


Me in my scarlet Red Scarf in Brussels

I hope you like the finished scarf as I really do, and it did cross my mind for a second to give it away as a present but I have decided to keep it as my scarlet winter staple this year. Moral of the story don’t give up on your yarn every project is better finished!



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