A Pointy Present


ImageI completed a second secret Christmas project this year. It was an important one as a special present for my sister, and I stupidly gave myself 1 week to complete it. So I was knitting and building up until the 23rd December. I saw it in a magazine in a shop and I couldn’t help but buy it as it sums up my sister and is the perfect present for her. It is a Unicorn designed by one of my knitting heroes Alan Dart so I knew it was going to be good.

I have previously made an Alan Dart Jester for the same reason that I fell in love with the pattern, the Jester however took me a very long time to complete and was a love hate relationship, but luckily for me the unicorn was a relatively easy little Christmas project to sit with on a cold Christmas evening and I really loved it.

I always alter patterns slightly to suit how I knit and the effect that I want and the pattern has a second element which is a small bearded troll to lead the unicorn but I wasn’t too sure about the troll.Β The Unicorn in the pattern is made in white, grey and silver, but I have this thing for a particular brand of sparkle wool called Twinkle by James C Brett. It comes in lots of different shades but the white in particular is my favourite as it is so sparkly and for a unicorn was the perfect excuse to buy more. I used a stash black acrylic for the hooves and the horn is knitted in a gold metallic yarn by Anchor.


The horse is made in pieces with the body as one large knit, the head, legs and ears are all knitted separately and then attached. I love making these toys but I always find the build the most difficult part. For this toy I wanted it to stand as an ornament so I stuck white pipe cleaners into the legs and they were all able to bend and it enabled the horse to stand. For the mane and tail I used another type of yarn which is a fluffy style wool used to make scarves I think, but I have no idea how I came to have it or where I bought it from but that is the benefit of stashing yarn I think. I was really effective for the mane and tail and really brought the unicorn to life and gave it a glamorous look.

Anyway my sister really loved it and it was a dream to make I can’t recommend Alan Dart’s patterns enough for presents and toys with personality and as a challenge. I bet you could make this Unicorn as well into a regular horse for the horse rider in the family or even… a Pegasus with wings! (Watch this space!)



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  1. It’s really gorgeous – can so understand why your sister was over the moon! I’ll definitely look out for Alan Dart patterns – love knitting toys – and I’m curious about that troll! πŸ™‚

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