The Animals went in 2 by 2


A good friend of mine is having a baby. I am so happy for her and so excited! I really wanted to make something special for her and the baby and I have always loved a BIG project so I decided to knit Noah’s Ark. Fiona Goble designed the patterns for the Knitted Royal Wedding which were amazing so I knew her Noah’s Ark pattern would be pretty special too.


I probably started far far too late as the baby shower was in December and I think I started on page 1 with Noah in September but I always love a bit of pressure. The patterns are wonderful and I would recommend the book for every knitter at all stages.

Noah and Mrs Noah I customised to look like my friend and her partner so she has blonde hair and her partner does not have a beard so I didn’t include this! But they are great because they stand up and have removable hats, anoraks and boots.


The animals are all different and at all levels of difficulty but my favourite were the crocodiles with their scaly moss stitch back and the soft white polar bears which were just gorgeous. Also the stripy tigers were fun. In the end it became obvious that I was not finishing the animals in time for the shower so I roped in my Mother-in-Law who is a talented knitter and all round crafter to help with some of the animals. She also really enjoyed it as she has never made toys before and found it really enjoyable seeing the animals cone together. They are all knitted in sections then sewn together which is the time conduming part so I started making all the pieces for each pair and then putting them together.


Billy Goats


Polar Bears

In the end I had polar bears, tigers, monkeys and crocodiles, aswell as goats, pigs and tortoises. There are more to make which I have promised my friend I will make as baby grows so after the birth, christening, first birthday etc so I hope baby comes to like the ark too as the present grows with the baby.


The Monkeys

The actual Ark is another story. The ark in the book is a cardboard template which you can fold out. Now I wanted a more permanent structure so I enlisted the help of my Dad. My Dad is an artist. He has always been a performer in street theatre but more recently has discovered a flair for art and makes. He can make giant puppets for parades out of paper and has designed some if his own ornaments using creosote and layers of paper. He set to and made me an ark out of soft plastic and paper which is similar to a hat box to store the animals in. It looks gorgeous and really finished the project properly its also soft so if baby does fall over on the Ark it would just collapse and not hurt the baby. My Dad’s website link is below:


I was very proud to give my friend the Ark at her baby shower. It was a real family project and a goid challenge for me which I will keep adding to over the years but next time I would start it WELL in advance to give myself time to finish it!



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