A Knit and Natter


My In-Laws live in a small town in Shropshire called Bishops Castle. It’s really lovely because its very remote and in the countryside so we love going to visit as it feels like a holiday. It is also a crafters paradise. My Mother-in-Law retired recently and does quilting, knitting, jam making and even more recently samba drumming (not as quaint). So we went up this weekend for a visit as the Art Festival has been on. Five days of literature, crafts, art and music. This morning I tried my hand at lino block printing which I wasn’t amazing at but was very fun and messy and you can get some amazing colour concoctions. Even my husband enjoyed it.

This afternoon I went to a Knit Bomb Group. I have always been a bit of a loner when it comes to knitting and do a lot of it in the evenings. So I wasn’t too sure about going to a group of other knitters but it was really lovely to be surrounded by women of all ages who all share a love of knitting.
I have seen the yarn bombing around Bishops Castle and as well an allotment and garden scene in the book shop window, they are adding to it with pom poms, tiny bobble hats and knitted hangings.So I knitted some strips to add to it and learnt how to make pom poms on a pom pom maker which is amazingly easy and addictive. I really enjoyed it and it inspired me to think about maybe starting a group of my own in my local town. The only issue is I work such long hours it would have to be an evening but if it did work it would be a great thing and a way to meet like minded knitters and share tips, stories and biscuits! I was quite jealous that my Mother-in-Law can go along to this group on a Thursday evening in one of the many lovely pubs in town so I need to get going with this idea!

See here a link to Bishops Castles yarn bombing: http:// http://www.jollypages.co.uk/castlenews/yarn-bombing-gallery/


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