Wise Owl


I love owls. I know it is a bit fashionable as owls are everywhere at the moment on every cushion and decoration and in every shop. But it is true I love owls and have owls everywhere. I always seem to gave carried them with me, when I was a child I loved Nonsense poetry, especially Lewis Carroll and Edward Lear. So obviously I do know The Owl and The Pussycat off by heart. So a few years ago when I got a free magazine supplement for Storytime Toys by Laura Long and there was an Owl and a Pussycat pattern I kept hold of it.

Recently when I found myself with no project on the needles I went looking for something to knit from my stash wool and patterns and came across it and decided to knit the Owl.

To put my own stamp on it I decided to go do a four stripe colour way in a charcoal grey, mustard yellow,baby blue and a glittery grey. I absolutely loved knitting and seeing the stripes together the colours work really well together. I kept it symmetrical by keeping them 2×2 in stocking stitch. This pattern also called for intarsia for it’s middle which I used a cream for. Intarsia is something I had tried and failed before so I read up on it and found out how to wrap the yarns around each other on the back to hide holes and I was really surpriaed when it worked! With the stripes and the intarsia I had a lot of yarns to hide and weave in at the end!


The knitted piece

Whilst I was knitting the owl I decided to make it into a doorstop as I’ve seen so many in the shops. I did some research and finally came up with stuffing the shell of the owl and then putting a plastic bag in the middle which I then filled with fishtank gravel. (clean and never used obviously) this has given it the weight it needed to be a handy doorstop and a lovely rustly sound. I then stuffed the head and wings as normal.


Without his wings

The owl is finished with felt eyes that I sewed on, with buttons for eyes and purple knitted beak and feet. It was such a lovely little project with just enough challenge to keep me interested but easy enough so I could knit it in the evenings and plan other projects at the same time.


I have used Laura Long patterns in the past as they knit up quickly and always have a lot of character. Fishtank gravel is the way forward!



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