Log Cabin


Recently I went to a local craft fair to look whistfully at other peoples craft stalls and wish I had my own. Whilst I was there I bumped into Dawn from April Pinks. She was teaching a Log Cabin Patchwork cushion class the following weekend at a local shop called All Fabrics in Stalybridge. I immediately signed myself up and also my sister. I have been practising my sewing of late and as you may have seen from previous posts. I do struggle with sewing straight lines. My sister has always been creative as well and was looking for a new craft to try so we both went a long.

Now I won’t lie I found it really fun but really hard. A log cabin patchwork is made up of strips of the same width and different lenghts that go round a conversational piece. So Dawn showed us how to cut the pieces properly using a rotary cutter and how to place them round the conversational square anti clockwise. The key element to the design are the colours. They have to be matched and properly balanced for it to work effectively.

Being surrounded by boxes of fabrics to choose from was heaven and Dawn helped us all choose colours that complimented the conversational piece we chose. I chose a deer and my sister chose a bird. I ran out of time on the day and finished the envelope back for my cushion the next day.

It was really good fun and a great way to spend an afternoon learning a new craft and was great value for money with one on one teaching, the fabrics, use of the machine and cushiob pad all thrown on for Β£30.00. But as I said I found it hard cutting the rectangles straight which I am hoping will get better with practise. My sister was very good at it and after our class was saying she would buy a sewing machine of her own. (I am going to encourage her to do this and then maybe she can set up a stall with me selling knitted and her sewing. It is good to dream!)

I think for a price of a class it is so worth it to try a new skill and end up with a really nice handmade cushion at the end.

What do you think?


My Cushion


My Sisters Cushion


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