Happy Knitted Easter


I love Easter. Not just the automatic four days off but the whole shebang. Its tge start of Spring for me and you can see the weather changing and the flowers coming out again. I also love the chocolate, the hot cross buns and the big family meal we have on Easter Sunday. My other favourite is the decorations. I think it has just started becoming a popular thing to do and I love the egg, rabbits and chicks that suddenly flood the shops.

Last year I knitted bunny egg cosies for all my friends and I really liked it but due to us moving house my decorations were left in the boxes. This year although I am moving again I’ve got my Easter Tree out and I came across a really cute pattern for knitted Easter Eggs.


Knitted Eggs

I raided my drawer of yarn and got all the pastel and spring colours out and knitted some eggs. The pattern had striped eggs and also gingham. I knitted two of each of the patterned, two plain and then used some self patterning yarn for two more to make it interesting. I then bought some ribbon and sewed loops onto them and hung them on my lovely Easter Tree.


My Easter Tree

They were so easy to do I did most of them in one day. If you didn’t want to hang them you could put them all in a bowl as a decoration or dot them around the house.

Whilst I was out yesterday I added to my Easter decorations with this beautiful little cut out bunny by Gisela Graham. Couldn’t resist it and can’t resist showing you on here.


Gisela Graham Easter Bunny

Happy Knitted Easter!


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