Sew Cute


I have been sewing again. But this time not on the dreaded machine but hand sewing. Now I have never been much of a sewer but practise makes perfect and I did a little practise on a lovely little free project from Mollie Makes magazine which I treat myself to every now and again.

It’s a little yellow felt rabbit that I made following the pattern and templates and is the first bunny I’ve hand sewn. The magazine gives you all the fabric, thread and buttons which included yellow and blue felt, tweed fabric, the buttons and sewing thread and needle. Which is quite generous.

Here it is all put together with the little aqua pom pom tail too.



It’s a really cute little design by Savannahs Carroll from Sleepy King. And it’s an inspiring little pattern and may mean that I can start some of the other sewing patterns I have with confidence.

On a different note I’m a bit behind with all of my knitting projects at the moment as I have recently bought my own house with my husband. I am so happy with my cottage and I will do some posts on the epic decoration we have to partake in. As well as this I’ve got a new family member. Gus the kitten who is the perfect craft distraction. I made the bunny during one of his naps so hopefully once he gets used to me using lots of curiosities and strings I will get more done!!



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