Mirror Mirror


I am in the process of renovating my new house which means my head is now full of different crafts and colours I can use to make the house our own.

One of those ideas was to get a mirror for the hallway. I went to a local charity warehouse called Emmaus. They raise funds for the homeless by selling furniture, ornaments, cooking utensils, clothing, music and books anything that gets donated to them and there are some amazing furniture finds. (I keep checking for a dressing table that I can paint and do up but that’s another plan in the pipeline fingers crossed) Emmaus have also started their own upcycling section which has some lovely things in to buy creatively crafted by their volunteers so it is worth a look.

Today I went digging through their mirrors and found one the perfect size for our small hallway that was hiding away at the back. I have been looking for a while now for the perfect mirror as I do get a kick out of finding different things for my house. I bought it for £3.00 and spent another £2.00 on some different photo frames for a frame wall I am also planning. (I told you too many ideas)


After cleaning the mirror up with some fairy liquid and some furniture polish to lift off the dust. I bought some gold furniture paint from B&Q for £2.00 and repainted the frame for a lovely antique effect. I think it looks great and looks lovely in my hallway and to get a mirror like it for a grand total of £5.00 is a great thing too. It is also a unique item that I can keep forever. The joys of upcycling are endless!


I need to go back to find some more bargains and should hopefully have some pictures of the great redecoration soon.



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