You’ve Been Framed


A look I really wanted to try for my new kitchen was a Frame Wall. You see them a lot at the moment on television decorating programmes and on Pinterest and things. I had some old frames lying around and I went down to my local charity shop and bought some more for Β£2.00 just so cheap!


To update some of the frames I decided to paint them and I had some tester pots of emulsion from all the decorating I have been doing. I used yellow white and a duck egg blue as well as some gold I bought to paint a mirror frame.

I wanted to keep it all uniform with the colours so it had a good impact do I chose objects of similar colours and effects. I used old photos, postcards and card fronts. My favourite one I’d called ‘hill at Hobbitton’ and is a card my husband found recently that he was given when he was 11!

To break up the frames I used a central motif of a plate we were given for our wedding as well as some decorative hearts. I really like it and I think it gives a good feel to the room and a crafty handmade touch that I love.






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