Ooh la la


I have been having a really tough time the last couple of weeks. It’s been hard to sleep and hard to not dwell on aspects of it. So I turned to knitting as a way to bring myself out of it. It’s worked in the past as I first learned to knit when I was at a low point in my life and was unemployed so I gave it a go. I think thatย  knitting gives you some control over what you are making, it distracts your mind for a few hours and gives you pleasure to see the final object come to life and let’s you be creative.

I was struggling to find a pattern to follow that I could concentrate on so I went to the shop and bought ‘Simply Knitting Magazine’. If you have read my past posts you would see that I read this a lot as it has some great patterns and articles in it. This time it had an Alan Dart pattern for Monsieur Bernard which was perfect to get my mind off everything. I love Alan Dart patterns as although they are fiddly sometimes you always learn something new and he designs brilliant toys with lots of character.

The magazine had a free kit with it with all the yarn you needed and the pattern was easy to follow and I completed it under a week even with everything going on around me.


I have to admit I did run out of yarn at the endย and had to fashion ears out of the head with pleats but I am really pleased with the finished bear. I also sewed some buttons onto his chest to add a bit of colour. My husband loves the bear and wants to take it with him to work to sit on his desk. So Monsieur Bernard is on his travels as a mascot. Hopefully he will bring luck as he has brought peace of mind and purpose to me.


This pattern Inspired me to get down to my local wonderland ‘Wooly Knits’ and I have finally bought myself one of their patterns and the wool to go with it and I hopefully will learn to knit on circular needles and cable for the first time. So thankyou knitting for gettingย me back to where I was and putting me back on the right path.



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