I Heart Decoupage


When I had finished wallpapering the landing I had a tiny bit left over that the hoarder in me couldn’t throw away.
So I decided to use as bit of it for a new craft I’ve been wanting to try. I had a metal heart decoration that I was given by Mum. In our old place it matched the decor as it was red. But in our new place it didn’t. So I decided to cut up the wallpaper into pieces and try my hand at Decoupage.


Everything ready

The wallpaper I had was a pattern made up of pictures, postcards and stamps. So I cut them up and covered the heart in PVA glue and then arranged them. It was a random task I didn’t play too far ahead but I trimmed some as I went to get them into the point and arches of the heart. And it did feel like I was back at school in art class with the PVA glue going everywhere!

I wasn’t very patient so I did both sides at once when really I should have let one side dry first as I did douse both sides in a lot of glue. I hung it to dry on a banana hook and it dried really well over night.


Drying out

I am really pleased with the finished piece it looks so different from the beginning and I finished it off with a yellow ribbon to match my yellow kitchen and hung it on my newly painted white banisters as a way to bring the wallpaper of the landing into the kitchen. Decoupage is an easy craft in theory but is fiddly to get it to look right. I loved doing It though and I definitely find something else to decoupage!


Here’s one I made earlier



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