When I was organising my knitting to free up a bag to keep my cardigan in I came across a knitted surprise. Before I moved house I had knitted coasters for the new living room I had forgotten all about them but there they were they and they just needed finishing off. They are knitted on size 3 DPNS and are knitted in the round withΒ  2 strands of yarn together to make them strong. I got the pattern from Simply Knitting Magazine and it is written by Jane Burns.

I knitted 5 in colours to match my living room. Grey, Sparkly Grey, Navy Blue, a variant blue and I mixed two yarns together for a grey and white. After you have knitted them you sew up the centre hole and block them.


Drying out

I really like them and everyone else who has seen them has also had good comments for them. They have a lively spiral pattern and a lip round the top which secures your drink. They are also a good weight so are quite secure. I love having little knitted things around the home and I am really pleased I found these again.


My favourite mug and coasters



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