Proper Pink


I once said to my friends that if I didn’t live with my husband I would make my whole house pink and one of my friends was surprised that I would have a pink house, but I don’t see the problem. I think pink has a bad rep. It is girly, bright and feminine and that is one of the reasons I love it but the pink I love the most is ‘Proper Pink’. Proper pink is deep, rich and makes a statement. It is elegant and fun and just a Proper Pink. That’s what I called it when I was 11 and was allowed to paint my bedroom pink (with a pig stencil border because I was awesome). The pink was finally eradicated whenΒ  I was 17 and I wanted white for a fresh start but I have always carried a bit of pink with me here and there. I am known for having a pink bathroom but this time I have gone back to my roots and have painted our new bedroom pink. Proper pink.

Now some may cringe and wonder why my husband has let me do it. But I have only painted one wall and my husband loves the colour. It is my favourite colour. Its a very rich, quite dark and dare I say it a bit sexy. I have painted the back wall of our room a pink called Raspberry Rush again from the B&Q Colours range with my favourite cream Picket Fence. I have decided since painting the kitchen that I love the Picket Fence cream so much I want it in every room to tie the house together. It’s such a lovely fresh colour. We were going to do a purple feature wall but I am so bored of purple and since the bright colour in the kitchen went so well we wanted to go further and have more colour.


The finished back pink wall

To keep it modern and not go into overdrive on pink and fully isolate my husband I have kept everything else quite neutral. Obviously theΒ  bedding is quite loud but I have had this Next bedding set for years and it just goes with everything. The bed frame is from Ikea and is white, we have kept the white curtains that we were given last year and bought white lamp shades for all the lights in the room.

My favourite thing of all (apart from the pink!) Is that I finally have a dressing table! I have wanted a fancy dressing table as long as I can remember. The ultimate girly object. I do like makeup and hair and things and up until now have been doing my makeup sat on the floor. So I had to find one.

My dream was to buy a really old one from a charity or junk shop and up cycle it but I couldn’t find one that I liked enough and that would fit the space . As this is a piece of furniture I am planning on keeping always. I finally found it in Dunhelm Mill. It is the girly dressing table of my dreams! It’s sort of based on Louis VI style it has carved roses and bows on it along with a decorative curved mirror and feet. So is very elegant and girly, and slightly over the top. It also has a matching stool and came in white so it matched everything. I am so happy with it. It’s not for everyone but I adore it. My husband was also very pleased as it didn’t come in flat pack so he didn’t have to build it!


My Toulouse Dressing Table

To finish off the room we needed some art. I hate buying art I can never find what I like. I discovered the grey wicker heart above the bed in B&Q which has a lovely range of home furnishings .



The three pictures above the chest of drawers I have kept from a Vintage Travel Calender I had in 2013. I just loved the places and the colours so kept my three favourites. Calenders can be a really good source of finding art you like. Then to finish the room I bought a huge picture of a ballerina from Next. It is a lovely picture and although I know it is impossible l sti harbour secret dreams of being a ballerina just like I did when I was little. I still love ballet so it means something to me.


My new bedroom is everything I am. Without sounding pompous. It’s girly and feminine, with little retro and personal touches but is also loud and bright with something to say. I love it. It’s proper pink.




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  1. Gorgeous! I love it, and I love that your husband goes along with it. We redid our bedroom a couple of years ago, and I picked out a lovely rich dark raspberry color. Hubby said sure, and I just adore it. I also have a large dining room painted royal purple. Colors make me smile!

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