Ribbit ribbit


Ribbit ribbit is my attempt at making a frog noise. Which if you are a knitter you will know means one thing. I committed an act of crime on my Crowberry Cardigan I have failed the cable section. I have now frogged all the cable chart I had assumed was masterly work but on close inspection was a big hot mess. Argh it’s so hard this cable chart and I have never cabled before in my life. The rest of the cardigan was going so well but the cabling as baffled me!

I can make bobbles now as it asks but the stems to the berries were on the wrong side of the knit and I have no idea how it happened? I was putting the yarn at the back and then forward ans has convinced myself that it was ok. But I could hear a voice in my head saying ‘it’s wrong stop knitting and fix it because you won’t like it in the end’. So sadly I had to pull the whole cable section to bits and start again.

It was touch and go as well for a while to see if I could even get it back on the circular needles. But it is back and I now have to figure out where to put the markers, follow the chart and hope that this time it looks better.

To be honest frogging is never fun and it can be sad but it is also quite cathartic to realise something in wrong and start it all over again. I would love to have been able to frog a few other things in my life and start again.

So rant over I will now begin a fresh and as the weather is getting colder I would like my new Crowberry Cardigan soon please. Wish me luck!


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