When life gives you lemons…


I have finally finished decorating my kitchen. And my final touch is my beautiful hand stencilled blind created by me and my talented Dad.

As the kitchen is yellow I have been buying yellow accessories to finish it off and I love the freshness of
Lemons as decorations. I know in France lemons are used everywhere in decoration but they are hard to find round here. I really wanted a cute patterned blind but I couldn’t find anything that was right for the window. As another thing I’m finding is the windows in my new house are huge and no standard blinds/curtains are quite right. They are either to big or too small. Well my Dad came up with an idea to stencil our own pattern on a basic white blind from Ikea.

I’m sure I’ve mentioned before but my Dad is a bit of a crafty wizard especially when it comes to paper crafts. He is a full time artist and makes beautiful working giant puppets out of paper. Well anyway he drew me some lemons and cut them out of plastic to make the stencil.



First stenvil

Then using a sponge and two basic fabric inks in yellow and green we stencilled away by dabbing the colour on. The trick is not to use too much ink and by using a sponge you can build up the colour. There are 2 types of lemon the basic lemon with leaves and then a slice of lemon showing the segments.



Segment lemon


Whole lemon

As we used two colours together at times the green mixed with the yellow but I like it as it makes each one look more real and unique. I really love my blind it has a kitsch fifties feel with the bright colours and by putting the lemons in a striped pattern. It was also really fun to do and something that me and my Dad could do together. It has left me with a bit of art at my window and given my kitchen It’s final lemony twist. Thanks Dad.


Finished blind


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