Tweedy Hat and Mitts


Every winter without fail I plan to knit my own matching set of mittens and hat or scarf. Every year I sort of fail but this year as a break from the Crowberry Cardigan of doom I decided to have a go.
I had some beautiful Wooly Knits British Tweed wool in a cream colour and as the coats I am wearing this year are dark green and pale pink cream would go with both (this does have to be taken into account when choosing winter accessories)

I started with my hat. I read somewhere that every knitter in the know should know a good beanie hat pattern and I didn’t. So I dug around in the pattern books I have and found a basic knitted beanie from ‘Knitting Patterns for Beginners’. I knitted it on size 4mm DPNS and it only took me 2 evenings. I finished it with a white fluffy pom pom. I love poms poms i make them on my hands as I don’t have a pom pom maker (Santa?) I just need to work on my round knitting as there are some join lines from the 3 needles.



Next I needed a mitten pattern so again I dug around in my books and found a pattern in an old Christmas Magazine mini book. The pattern had an intarsia cuff which wasn’t the style I wanted so I adapted it to have a 2×2 rib cuff to matcn my hat and then used the rest of the pattern for my mittens. I used 4mm needles and it knitted up incredibly quickly. The best part was the thumb you take a section and turn to work on that section solely to knit up the thumb. I thought it was very clever. It was so easy I knitted the majority of one in the car on the way to Northumberland and the second i knitted in one Saturday evening.


To finish the mittens and the hat I felt that they needed something extra for a bit of character.Β  I found some lovely hand painted buttons on a market stall in Anwick in Northumberland.Β  They are wooden and painted in pink and yellow roses and really brightened the whole lot up. Perfect. So I added 2 to each mitten and 2 on the hat as well for my matching set which I finally own. Cosy for me this winter.


Colourful buttons




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