New Year Fortune Telling


So every year I sit down and plan my year ahead and make resolutions. They don’t always work out but it’s nice to make them to. Another tradition my family always do together is we try to tell our future by playing cards. It’s a game we’ve always played and my Mum is the best clairvoyant.

It’s important to remember it is a game and it’s not creepy but sometimes these things do happen and come true. I know there are a lot arguments against future telling but it is always fun to have a little go at telling the future.

Here are the rules.Β  You shuffle the cards asking them to show you your year ahead.Β  And then you pull out 12 cards in a circle one for each month of the coming year. The numbers are the value of the card (surprisingly) face cards mean people so King is a man, Queen is woman and Jack is a boy. And the suits are the fortunes.
Spades means work
Clubs means luck
Hearts means love
Diamonds means money

Here is my reading for the year


January starts with the QueenΒ  of Spades so lots of work for me. February brings me the King of Diamonds so a rich man, March and April bring the medium scores for luck and riches. May is a boy full of love (which would be nice as it is my birthday!) June and July more work increasing which results in lots of luck in August (which I am hoping is for my friend for her wedding!) September and October bring a little more work and a little more love which gives me a lot of luck in November and the year finishes with a little bit of love. Haha! So there is my year reading I will come back to it next year and see if any of it has come true!

I do have some resolutions which my blog tradition dictates that I record here. I lost a lot of weight recently with Slimming World (woohoo) which I would like to keep off, I am learning to crochet in February so I hope to expand on that this year. I want to finish decorating my house and then I just want to get out there more have more fun, love and appreciate my husband, family and friends more and count my blessings! Also finish the damned Crowberry Cardigan!!

Have a go at telling your own fortune it may come true!!!


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