Crochet Away


Back to class I go to learn Crochet. Crochet bemuses me.  I look at the lovely Amigurumi toys and little critters and I can’t understand how it came to be with a hook and not 2 needles. So I signed up for a class and my Mother – in – Law bought me a How to Book and I’ve given it a go.

The class was great. I am always nervous going into a new situation but I shouldn’t be with fellow crafters around, we are all so nice. The class was at ny favourite wooly paradise Woolyknits in Diggle. Sarra my teacher is a real character and is so passionate about crochet it just radiates from her. We started with simple chains, single, double and treble crochet and we were given our own yarn and hook.

Now I have a confession  to make. I have always had a bit of a problem. It is a mental issue but it means that I struggle with perception and right and left.  I struggle to understand what is what really and I can’t always see things correctly. With knitting it hasn’t ever been a problem but it affects me with other things like driving or locks and keys. My problem with sewing comes from this as well as another side of it is that I can’t see straight lines or cut straight lines as random as it sounds.  So in knitting the needles do all the work and I pull the yarn from the right. (I don’t know if this is correct my mother-in -law thinks I purl strangely because of it but c’est la vie) in crochet the yarn does all the work and you wrap it round your left hand and use the hook to move it along.

In the class I couldn’t get the hang of crochet from the  left so Sarra showed me a sneaky way to use it a bit like knitting with the yarn on the right. It did work and when we started the Granny Square pattern at the end of the class it was going well but to read the pattern it assumes you chain from the left and I got so confused.  I came out with a sort of square and hand ache but I loved it. I love learning a new skill.

Sarra said practise makes perfect so yesterday I had an afternoon off work with a plan to do nothing. I sat down and I could have done work on the Crowberry but I wanted to give crochet another chance. I get so disappointed when I can’t do a craft I love and sewing has become that craft so I didn’t want crochet to be that as well. I had a search on YouTube (as that is how I learnt to knit) and I tried a little daisy flower first but taking the yarn from the right and following the lady on the video didn’t work. So eventually I stumbled across Sharon Ojala. She makes beautiful little Amigurumi things that I love and she does how to videos.
I found one that was 32 minutes long making a little mouse and I gave it a go. Firstly having to learn the Magic Circle which took a few goes and some encouragement from my husband and then following her I learnt how to crochet from the left! I really did it! I was so pleased. It was really a Miranda Moment (which means to those that didn’t watch Miranda- ‘what have you done today to make you feel proud?!” Sung in a Heather Small esque voice.) Aah I crocheted and these videos are amazing I am going to crochet more and I really enjoyed it. It really was worth taking the time to sit down and practice practice.


Magic Circle with 2 rows

Little mouse isn’t perfect there are some holes and I need to work on my counting. But it took me three years to really get to grips with knitting so I know it will take time but Crochet is so quick I can’t wait to do more!! Could it be there is competition for my love of knitting? They will just have to get a long somehow. But thankyou Sharon Ojala, Woolyknits and Sarra for teaching me a new skill!! Crochet away!!


I have put the links to the videos I used below: God bless YouTube.

The easy way to crochet a magic circle:

Crochet Along Amigurumi Mouse:


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