I have bought a new knitting book. It’s so nice it’s called ‘Knitting Smitten’ by Jessica Biscoe. It’s full if really cute designs for the home for gifts and to wear. I couldn’t resist having a go at her Ballerina Slippers. Since I wear slippers a lot I wanted some a but lighter for the summer as it surely is arriving soon?

The slippers are made very simply using garter stitch for the sole and then reverting to stocking stitch for the top part. You then make an easy strap by splitting the work. They took me two evenings to make and I used up some of my stash wool which is a cosy colour variant wool in red and blue. However I think the wool I used was slightly too big for the pattern. It was knitted on size 6mm so they are quite loose and don’t have as much structure as I’d like.

To decorate I added novelty ladybird buttons and the pattern suggests an I cord bow on the front but I decorated with a big pom pom. I can’t get enough pom poms. They are cosy to wear but I might try a few techniques to add structure. Maybe a rib for the top or using double yarn to make the sole sturdy.



Here are my slippers you have to excuse my pjs! I showed them my Mum who said she remembers a great AuntΒ  making very similar slippers called flintstones. So I am going to have a look at this and knit some more up. It’s such a good pattern for using up yarn and is so quick to make its great.

I do recommend the book too it is so cute and has simple instructions. The bow necklaces and flamingo cushion are next on my list!


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