Happy Easter


Happy Easter! I love Easter I do and not just for the  time off, chocolate and hot cross buns. I am Catholic so it’s a big deal in our Calender and my family all get together for a big roast dinner to celebrate. I’ve given up chocolate for Lent this year which has been so tough so it is an end to Lent. But I also love the decorations!

The last 2 years I have been able to knit something for Easter this year I have been so busy testing yarns for my craft stall project and working I haven’t made the time. So I bought some decorations instead. In Paper chase they have some lovely things in spring pastel shades. I bought this lively Easter Egg Garland and done hanging petal eggs. (Gus the cat loves these and plays with them a lot)


Egg garland


Petal Eggs

Also on another shopping trip in Uppermill with my Mum and sister we came across this lovely shop called Mi Abode which is full or really cool Scandinavian items for the home and she had egg candles! I remember these from an Easter trip to Belgium when I was younger and the inside wax is yellow so it looks like an egg. So cute! So I bought some of those as well! You  can see them here next to the vase of spring daffodils. (My favourite)


Egg candles

But just to show that there are things you can knit for Easter here is a throwback from 2 years ago of some rabbit cosies I did for my friends!


I hope you all have a very Happy Easter and I hope spring comes soon and takes away all this rain!!


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