1 Shade of Grey


I actually don’t like decorating. I love picking the colours and the wallpapers but the actual effort of decorating isn’t so fun. This is the main room in our house and the fourth time my husband and I have tag teamed it to paint a room so we are getting better then we first thought.

Did anyone watch the programme last year? Interior Design Challenge on BBC 2? I did a lot and I learnt a lot from it especially how not to be afraid of colour or putting a darker colour on walls. So after watching this programme I was inspired to go for the ever so fashionable colour of pale grey. We chose Fog from the B&Q colours range. It’s a lovely calm colour and is almost pale blue in some lights.Β  The ceiling and the woodwork and the walls were all magnolia so we only had to do 2 coats thankfully.



To bring out the features of the room (see I sound like I should be on Interior Design Challenge) we painted the ceiling white and I painted the Victorian cornicing white as well. I think this is sympathetic to the age of the house and it really brightens the room. The fun part however was the wallpaper.

I wanted something different like the postcard paper I have in the landing. So I chose Versailles also by B&Q. It’s a pattern repeat in turquoise, red, yellow, blue, green and pink. With a touch of grey. It sounds horrific but it’s rows of long tall houses like the kind you get in Brussels or probably Versailles. It’s so lovely and bright and I put it in the two alcoves either side of the fireplace and it really makes the room.


My husband and father putting up the first strip of paper (Check out his homemade slipper socks?! I wonder who made them?)




It wasn’t all plain sailing however. The previous owner of our house had hung massive heavy pictures on the wall so the room was covered in huge nail holes and bumps from this.Β  We pulled out one screw from above the fireplace and half the plaster came out with it so I had to re plaster the hole and wait for it to dry for 2 days.

Our other disaster was embarrassing. I really wanted a grey armchair I had seen in Ikea called Longmann it’s modelled on the old wingback chairs and I loved it. On Bank Holiday Monday we went to Ikea and we got the last one in store thankfully I had to go straight to the tills to pick it up and buy it. So winning! However my husband decided we could fit it in our tiny rollerskate of a car if he took the packaging off. What a surprise it didn’t fit. We had to sit in the car park at ikea whilst I called for help from my parents. But at least we had something to sit on!


Cosy living room and new chair




I really enjoyed finishing the room and feel like I had come a long way from painting my sauna ceiling in the bathroom and dripping it all over everything. I am very pleased with it. Now I just need a mirror a very large picture and a mantel piece.Β  The hunt continues.


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