Count Your Blessings


This week I turned 26! Eek 26! Not that old really but sounds slightly more impressive. My mum is always telling me what her Grandma Hammond said to her to ‘Count her Blessings’ and after a year of ups and very low downs this year I decided to take her up on it. So after checking for any more wrinkles I had a go.

26 Blessings then….here goes
1) my husband – cheesy but he is pretty much everything

2) my family -.pretty generic blessings so far but my family are very nice and I’d like to keep them as long as possible please

3) my friends – all the girly and not so girly lot of them! Silly fun times always! Got each others backs and stuff.

4) Augustus the Cat- he brought me a dead mouse the other day and he is amusing but always slightly grumpy

5) Gilbert and Gimli the Guineapigs – they didn’t bring me a dead mouse but are just as funny and smell nice

6) my little house! -Nearly finished decorating and it’s nice to have a roof and a garden

7) my job – I don’t always love it but I don’t always hate it either and it pays for me to live and teaches me a lot and I finally appear to be getting somewhere

8) my health- my health kick started last year and it is still going strong I’ve lost 2 1/2 stone and can fit back into size 12 huzzah

9) my knitting and crafts – I love knitting and crafting. I’m always happiest whenΒ  making things

10) my faith – keeps me going strong

I can’t do 26 or I’ll run out and start counting peanut butter as a blessing but the concept is nice. It’s a good thing to remind yourself of what is important and focus on the year ahead. What will this year bring?


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