Pleasant Pheasant


At Christmas a very good friend of mine bought me a really good knitting book. Knitting Woodland Creatures by Susie Johns. I for some reason have a little fascination with woodland animals like deers, owls, rabbits and surprisingly pheasants. These animals remind me of family walks and holidays and pheasants are all over Bishops Castle when I visit my in laws. So one afternoon finding myself a bit blue after a truly stressful and horrid week at work I had a look through my yarn and books and though yeah sack it let’s make a pheasant!!


I chose the pheasant mainly because I like them but also because I had a lot of ends of yarn that needed to be used up. I used my favourite Tweed Yarn from Woolyknits for the back of the pheasant as it would look variated and like feathers. I had a load of chocolate brown that I bought ages ago and
The rest was yarn in my stash. Like the blue for for it’s head and the yellow, white and red to accessorise it. I ran out of Tweed wool just as I finished the top of the wings so I used a lovely cream beige for under the wing and chocolate brown for the tail instead which doesn’t look to noticeable.


I liked that your change yarns and add pieces togethet to join the body halves and neck together so there are no seams. Genius. The red wattles for the eyes were probably the hardest part I had to knit in the round but on tiny scale which was fiddly but worth it for the finished eye.


The book is beautiful with really clear instructions. There are some beautiful animals in it like the red and grey squirrels, the fox and the fawn. And I don’t know how long I can resist making the fat little bear! I love a bear I do!


I absolutely loved making this pheasant. Some people asked me why I knitted a pheasant and it was purely because I wanted to and because I can! It’s funny I knit all the time and I try to knit towards a long-term goal to sell the things I make. But I never seem to get as much out of knitting those things as I do making random things like a pleasant pheasant. It is a brilliant form of stress relief for me too. After a hard week to sit and knit something fun is amazing.

I have now got some commissions to make and a secret present I can’t wait to start but I will definitely come back to that book in the future and knit some more little critters.




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