Wooly Little Babies

Wooly Little Babies

I love babies. I do. I love everything about them including their little feet. So when I was asked to make some sets if boots and hat for a friend who had two showers coming up I couldn’t resist.

I actually struggled to find a pattern I liked I looked through ravelry but without having a laptop at the moment I find it hard to read and follow the pattern. I went through a file I have if cut outs and found a set I have made before. They are super easy but really cute and effective. The pattern was shown in Simply Knitting in July 2013 for the Royal Baby number 1. So it is a lovely pattern.

I wandered down to my favourite knitting shop Woolyknits of course in Diggle. I bought some pink Super Soft Baby 4 ply by James C Brett, as one of the babies mum’s knew she was having a girl. (I know gender stereotyping but I love pink!) I already had some cream from the Woolyknits Blue Faced Leicester 100% wool range which is so warm and so soft for the other baby as that one’s mum is having a surprise. The main thing that set off these hats was buttons.

Is there anything better then a big pile if buttons? I think not. For the pink set I bought some tiny pink ducks and for the cream these lovely wooden bear faces. So cute!!





The pink set I finished in about a week and a half as I’ve been so busy at work so only have the evenings. I finished the pink hat with an I-cord sewn into a bow to add to the girliness. I loved how the buttons were the same shade as the wool and so we’re subtle. But who doesn’t like pink ducks?


The second set I finished in about a week again.  It’s the sewing up of the boots that takes the longest. Just because I wanted to make sure it was all very neat and sturdy. I left the hat plain for this set I didn’t want to do a pom pom as that makes me think winter and it’s a summer baby. They are slightly more chunky then the other set but they are actually my favourite due to the yarn it is so lovely to work with and it also smells so good!!


When I have a baby one day (hopefully) I’m planning on knitting some of these myself with lots of novelty buttons in a few different colours. Little wooly babies!


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