Bella Italia


I dont normally do this but I have to tell you and show you sone pictures of ny summer holiday! I spent a beautiful week in Tuscany in Italy with my family. We stayed at a villa called Al Benefizio which is 10 mins from a lovely little Italian village called Barga. It was do lovely to get away into the sunshine and spend time away from everything. The villa is in the middle of nowhere and had an amazing view from the pool to the town.


View from the pool



Whilst we were in Italy we went to Lucca which is a large walled town and is in the hills. We have been to Lucca before and i would recomnend anyobe to go!




The above is the Ponta del Diavolo or the Devils Bridge. It is famous in Lucca and every time we go we go and see the bridge and walk up to the steep middle bit. The story is a master builder was asked to build the bridge but he fell into despair as the bridge was not going to be finished in time. One night the devil came to him and said he would help him but he in payment he would take the first soul of the person who crossed the bridge. The man agreed and the bridge was finished in time. On the day the bridge opened the man sent a pig across it and the devil angry at being tricked threw himself into the water and it altered the shape of the bridge to look like this. But this is just a myth.

We also went to see Florence and it is absolutely  beautiful  but it was so warm! 36 degrees in the sun and when  you come from Manchester and think 12 degrees is warm it was boiling!


Duomo and bell tower


View from the Pallazzo Pitti



It was lovely to spend time with my family and get away from it all as well a day amazing food (I mean it Italians can cook!) And get a sun tan for the first time in 5 years. I love Italy I will be going back!


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