Koalas say I Do


One of my very good friends got married on Sunday. She had it in Ireland in County Mayo at Ballintubber Abbey and The Breaffy House Hotel. I decided to make her and her new husband a present to mark the day.Β  As they are planning on going to Australia for a 6 month travelling honeymoon I decided to make them a Koala Bride and Groom. I turned to my favourite knitting designer Alan Dart and his pattern for an Outback Koala in Simply Knitting Magazine.


All the pieces ready to be stitched

To make the Koalas took a little bit of effort I made double of everything in the pattern and used long needles so I could knit 2 legs at a time and 2 bodies at time to make them quickly. I used Sirdar DK wool in silver grey for the body. The nose and chin are knitted as separate pieces in black and white.


Koalas with head and face attached

For their eyes instead of embroidering them I used safety eyes used for teddy bears that I got from John Lewis. The best part of making them was using Sirdar Funky Fur to make the ears it was hard to use at first but worked so well on the finished koalas. I spent a lot of time stitching them up using mattress stitch so they wouldn’t have visible seams which worked really well.


With their funky fur ears

To create the Bride and Groom effect I bought some lace to make a veil for the bride and used some silk a diamantΓ© flowers also all from John Lewis to make a headband and a bouquet.



For the Groom I used the Alan Dart pattern for the Outback outfit and knitted a black waistcoat. Made a ribbon rose for his buttonhole and my Dad made me a paper top hat and a suitcase so they can go on their travels.


Finished Koalas ready for I Do

I gave them to my friend the night before her wedding when we all got together with her family to have a very emotional present giving. Her reaction was caught on this photo and I think she liked them. Haha



I absolutely loved making them they have been all over with me the past 6 weeks even to Italy and the pattern itself although looks complicated is relatively simple there is just a lot to do for two koalas. I really liked the safety eyes they were so simple and really brought them to life and Alan Dart ‘ s way of knitting fingers and toes is genius!

My friends are extremely important to me and I always like to do something special for them so I have another wedding in January so we shall see what I make then! The best parts of the whole day was seeing my beautiful friend get married to the person she loves most, spending time with my friends and dancing with my husband. But also seeing my Koalas up by the cake on their own little table. It makes it all worth while to make someone smile at something you have made.


On the top table


Me and my good friends


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