Sail Away

Sail Away

I love decorating. Anyone who knows me will know that I am slightly obsessive with it and I believe that I am on Interior Design Challenge or something. But I just love looking at a room and deciding to change it in some way.
So recently I have been going through some stuff and needed to find a little calm in my castleΒ  (or house I wish I lived in a castle. Every woman’s home is her castle) but in my house it is not very calm. I have a lot going on and a lot of colour going on. I decided to strip back my bedroom. My very loud pink bedroom as I just needed somewhere calm and quiet sometimes. The proper pink I painted was just too pink in the end for me. Also it was a little scruffy last time I have learnt a lot about decorating since doing up the house and so the bedroom needed an update.

I loved the cream walls I had in there already. They are Picket Fence by the B&Q colours range and it is so fresh and warm so we just repainted the ceiling in white and put a fresh coat of Picket Fence on the walls.

So to camouflage the pink I went to B&Q again (my fave) and found a wallpaper. I just love their wallpaper range they have some great designs. I wanted a blue because blue is mine and my husband favourite colour. It reminds me of my wedding with my colour theme of royal blue and Mediterranean holidays with the blue skies and seas. So I guess I associate happiness with blue which sort of goes against the old saying of feeling blue.

Anyway I found a really sweet and different wallpaper. It’s called Harbour and as the name implies is scenes from the harbour. It’s boats. Lots of boats, boats with sails and fishing boats and it even has little fishermen on it. It reminds me of a little harbour I went to last October in Northumberland so it is very nice. It’s a pale blue and it’s very calming.



To go with the blue I popped out to my local garden centre in Uppermill and got a new vase and some new tea lights to tie in the colours. I also put some pictures out from my wedding and found some long blue candles for some crystal vintage candle sticks I had and it feels really me and really special.



To finish the look I bought some cool little rope handles for the closet doors and some new white bedding from M&s which has a lovely texture on it and is clean and fresh. The bed I dressed with some blue cushions and a cushion with a house on it I got for a present which has never had a place to be before now. (I am a fan of throw pillows do not judge me). My favourite part is a quilt at the end of the bed that my grandmother made for me in blues and pinks. She made it from old bedding and my grandfathers old shirts when I was a child. There are two quilts as they were made to go on two single beds that me and my sister slept in when we went to Scotland to visit my grandparents so it means a lot. It is really beautiful and really warm.
I am planning on knitting a big knittedΒ  chunky blanket in blues to go on the bed too so that and quilt isnt ruined by the cat who is in love with it and also because I have seen a pattern in a book that I want to try haha.


As you can see Gus loves the quilt!

I love my calming new bedroom and I have slept a lot better since it was finished. I just need some new bedroom furniture but that will wait.


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  1. It looks beautiful Gabby! Feeling a little inspired to do some updating of my house now :). I especially love the quilt. I just had a crack at my first quilt, it was a lot of fun! I’m so pleased with it you should definitely give quilting a go πŸ™‚

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