Kitten Mittens

Kitten Mittens

To quote an amazing television programme ‘Winter is coming’ and it’s my favourite time of year! It’s getting colder and crisper the leaves are changing colour and knitting patterns are getting cosy so obviously what you need are some kitten mittens!

I’ve been practising intarsia recently and set myself a challenge of learning to complete an intarsia pattern with more than 2 colours. In one of my favourite books ‘Woodland Knits’ by Tiny Owl Knits is a pattern called Meow Mittens. They are fingerless gloves with a vintage cat in a bow design. I couldn’t resist them as they are so cute!!!


Finished kitten mittens

I sat down and gathered some ends of yarns to make the tabby cat pattern and the bow and for the main colour I used a turquoise DK. So it was a really good pattern for using up ends on yarns. It did get tangled a few times and you really have to focus to make sure the different yarns are entwined around correctly at the back so there are no holes on the front. But once I got into it I loved it and I got a really nice intarsia kitten mitten.

To finish you need to embroider the eyes and mouth onto them. They aren’t perfect and left and right kittem is slightly different but I quite like that. The only changes I made to the pattern was to increase the rib on the cuff so it was more secure on my wrist.

I really like my cute kitten mittens and they are perfect for Autumn!


No holes!


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