Handmade Christmas

Handmade Christmas

Christmas is literally here when I am writing this it is 6 days away! This year I feel like Christmas is on steroids with the amount of shopping and markets and festivities but I do love me a bit of Christmas. I like decorating the tree and then turning on the lights and sitting and staring at it. Nothing warms the soul like it. I also like to make Christmas mementoes to keep and to give away as gifts and as a crafty person there are a lot of crafts you can dabble in at Christmas. I wanted to show you my four faves from this year and yes they are mostly knitting crafts but when that’s your fave?!

1) Nordic Bunting
I’m cheating a bit as I made these last year for our first Christmas in our house. I’m counting them this year as I had to fix them and show them off a bit. I really like bunting I have some hanging all year round but I needed to make Christmas bunting as well. I used my favourite Christmas Book Mini Christmas Knits by Susan Stratford and this design is right at the back. You use Intarsia to stitch in the designs I did one of each a snowflake a reindeer a tree and a heart. The border is moss stitch and they are surprisingly easy and the most satisfying as they look very festive. I also like the traditional shape. I stitched them to a ribbon and there they make any area festive! They are hung in my kitchen this year which is a room that can be forgotten at Christmas.


Nordic Bunting

2) Arctic Friends
As some may know Alan Dart is my favourite knitted toy designer. I buy Simply Knitting when I can see his designs on the front they are so full of character and I just love them. This year I knitted the Polar Bear from a free mini kit. It comes with all the wool you need and it is  bear with a red white hooded coat. Who could resist that? Also when clearing out some of my yarn stash I came across another kit from Simply Knitting which must have been the year before. It was a tiny penguin along with all the yarn and so I made both. They look very cute and can sit together with the Christmas Cards.


Arctic Friends


Polar bear

3) Merry Christmas Garland
For my birthday my Mother – in – Law bought me a sewing felt kit from John Lewis. It was their Christmas Garland kit. I kept it ready all year and in October I was off work and my husband was away so I sat down one afternoon and tackled the felt. It was a challenge for me as I struggle with cutting out. But I cut out each letter in different coloured felt, sewed them together and decorated with ribbon and buttons. I really enjoyed it it was very therapeutic and nice to really focus on something. It only took me 2 days on and off to finish and I have a really nice colourful handmade garland that brightens the room I hung it in my bedroom window.


4) Christmas Stockings
Each year I like to give my best friends a decoration for their tree. It is a tradition I have copied from my Mum and I really enjoy doing it. (I don’t know if they always do!). This year I made them a decoration again from my Mini Christmas Knits book by Susan Stratford I made 6 tiny Stockings in red and green. It is such a lovely design and they are really quick to make up. You knit the body in stocking stitch, the white cuff in garter and then finish with a picot edge in gold. The gold edge really makes them festive. To finish them all I bought tiny stick on holly leaves with a bell which really make them festive and a chain stitched a loop with my crochet needle for the hanger. I hope they liked them. I did. I kept one for my own tree!




So these are my hand made Christmas items this year. I think the lovely thing about Christmas is the memories you create that year that you can relive the next year and making your own decorations gives you that memory and a unique Christmas….thing!


Merry Christmas xx


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