Mini knitted Bride and Groom

Mini knitted Bride and Groom

So today is the 30th January and one if my best friends is getting married! I am so excited and nervous and happy and all that stuff. It’s so nice to see someone you love, who you have known since High School be a beautiful bride and marry the man she loves. And she has also been with him for 10 years! It is time!

So a wedding would not be complete for one of my friends without a knitted wedding keepsake. I made koalas for my friend from the same group last summer but for Hannah and Sean I have made a mini me knitted Bride and Groom! I bought Fiona Gobles book she published a few years ago now for the Royal Wedding. When I got married (1000 years ago) my Mum’s friend made us a mini me bride and groom from the same book so I knew it would work. (Side note I really like Fiona Gobles books I now have three Noahs Ark, Knitivity and Royal Wedding and they are all brilliant, really easy to follow and great results every time. In this one you can knit the whole royal family and it has outfit choices for each one as well as little corgis and Royal Guards!)

So for the Groom I sneakily asked Hannah about her Grooms suit and after making the body in a very pale pink (as I have struggled to find thin enough flesh tones?!) I knitted him a navy lounge suit, a clever white shirt which is like a bib you attach to the trousers with a separate collar and then a green tie. The suit was lovely to knit the jacket even has lapela and I finished the groom in about a week.

The hair was tricky. The pattern asks for 2 crochet chains of different lengths I ended up having to make a lot more. It could be because the colour I used wasn’t the right weight but I made about 5 chains in the end and wrapped them round his head. I loved that the pattern asks you to make tiny ears separately. And I worked really hard on the faces as this is where I struggle the most. I knitted onto the face to make the nose 3D and made french knots with chain stitch eyes. (Well kind of…I need to work on that!)

Well the Bride took longer than the Groom. One of the little details I liked in the book was that the Bride’s body is smaller formed and with clever increase and decrease she has a perfectly formed waist! I couldn’t find a dress I liked in the book. It needs a fuller skirt. So I made one up. It’s annoying as I didn’t write it down. But I basically started from the bottom up decreasing to the waist size using the body as a guide. And then knitted the top from one of the dress patterns and stitched them together. It did finish quite well I think. I made the top into a sweetheart neck and made a thin strap to attach it to the body like a halterneck. For her hair I cut long strands of hair and fed 2 strands each into each individual knit stitch on the head. I wanted the hair to be long and thick like my friends. So yes that took all evening and some patience.


Finished Bride and Groom

To add final details I finished the bride with a lace veil that I stitched to some silk flowers as a headband and some diamantes to add a bit of sparkle. Then made a bouquet for her to hold and used abother flower to make a button hole for the groom. The Grooms tie was made by casting on 25 stitches then casting off and I had to have my husband tie the tie as I cannot tie them even in miniature.


I gave them to my friend at a little bridal shower party we threw for her as part of a few gifts she got for the big day. I think she liked them and I love making presents like that. It makes me happy to see their reactions and to think that they get to keep another part of their day in miniature knitted form.

It is now 7:48 Am in Manchester I have to wait seven more hours to see my friends say their vows and so obviously I am raring to go. I am so happy to see my friend get married today. Full of love and obviously knitted joy!



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