Twin Teds

Twin Teds

As you will probably know I love knitting toys. I suppose because I am still a bit of a big kid but there is something nice about knitting a toy and adding character and personality. I love seeing it go from odd knitted shapes to become a fully fledged animal, person or ‘thing’.

A friend of mine is having twins. Which is very exciting. And to mark the momentous event I made two twin teddy bears. I keep patterns I like in a file and when an occasion calls I go through the file for inspiration. I came across a teddy called Henry Bear. I’ve kept it as it is so simple but so cute and I’ve been waiting for an excuse to make it.

It’s knitted on size 4 mm needles which is my favourite for some reason and is knitted in garter stitch which gives a lovely ruffled effect to its body. The wool I chose was a lovely cream beige colour by King Cole and is Recycled Cotton Aran and it is so soft but is also very hard wearing so the bears can be squeezed and carried around to the twins hearts content and can also be washed in the washing machine. 


Bear skins

The bears knitted up in no time and were so lovely to knit in the evening. The only downside was the ears, I had to fold them in on themselves a few times as they were looking a bit like mice at one point! I should probably have made them on smaller needles.


Finish bear one

What is interesting is how the two bears are not identical. It’s strange that two bears from the same pattern made by the same knitter and at the same time have completely different faces. But hopefully they will suit the individuaity of the twins that will get to cuddle them. To finish the bears one got a pink bow and the other a blue. One for a girl and one for a boy.




Non identical twin teddys


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