Down to the Wire

Down to the Wire

March was a month of courses and learning new skills. I really enjoy learning new crafts and in Manchester one of the best places to go for new lessons is The Ministry of Craft. I get emails from them with new classes and one caught my eye. Knitting with Wire.

I have seen this class advertised before and it is something I have been dying to do so i signed up and went along o e afternoon to the Fred Aldous centre which is an Aladdin’s cave of wonders with every craft ever catered for as well as classrooms for sewing, Knitting and crochet and everything else. This class is taught by the lovely Rachel of Art Yarn and I met some lovely crafty women and had a blissful afternoon making wire and beaded bracelets.

The material’s used for this class are copper wire 0.3mm, seed beads in every colour of the rainbow, jump rings, lobster clasps, wire cutters and wire plyer ‘thingy’ that helps pry apart the jump rings to hook onto the wire for the clasp. To start you hook all the beads you need for the bracelet onto the wire on the spool. And then cast on 7 stitches as it is a simple garter stitch with the beads threaded onto the stitch at intervals. Once knitted into a flat piece it is folded and rolled into a sausage shape. The fiddly bit is feeding the clasp and jump rings onto it to make the bracelet closure using the pliers and cutters.


What I love about this craft is the ease and simplicity of it. After practise I can now make the bracelet in an hour and I’ve been back to Fred Aldous a couple of times to buy beads, tools and wire to make more I love it that much. I’ve made a few for myself and for presents for people and I’m going to look into some more items I can make using wire and beads. I’m sure I’ll be decked out in handmade jewellery for a long time to come.


Finished bracelet

I really recommend The Ministry of Craft to learn new skills if you are in Manchester it’s worth checking out. It’s exhilarating to learn new skills and add it to your repertoire.

Here are some links:

The Ministry of Craft

Fred Aldous

You can also find my knitting with wire teacher on Twitter @artyarn


White and gold


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