Beauty School

Beauty School

I have been doing a lot of courses recently but nothing has been more exciting then learning to apply and create a vintage makeup and hair look at a local college. I have been brimming with excitement ever since!!

Makeup, beauty and hair as clichΓ© as it may sound have always been a true love and passion of mine. I read a lot, watch a lot of tutorials and experiment a lot with makeup and beauty products especially. I also have a deep engrained love of the fifties, the clothing makeup and pin up styles of this era. So when I found a course in makeup and hair at the college I signed up and had to go.

The first day I discovered there was o lu two of us on the course which was unexpected but good at the same time as it meant that I got a makeover and we had one on one training. My makeup teacher was Tracey and she explained about colour correcting, makeup application and the style of the fifties peek-a-boo winged eye. The afternoon was then spent with Michelle styling hair. If I’m honest I was very nervous about this but I think my craftiness came in handy as we learnt back combing, curling, waving, victory rolls, French pleats and pin curls. Loved it is an understatement.


My makeup done


Next weeks lesson I brought a model in to style. And my lovely sister volunteered to be my guinea pig. I styled her hair with victory rolls and a curled fake forties fringe with a french pleat at the back. Putting makeup on someone else’s skin was different it’s so interesting to learn about skin types and face shapes on another person. I styled her makeup with the winged eye I love so much. Then with a vintage dress we were finished and had photos taken with my classmates model as well.

This class had inspired me and woken me up to new endless possibilities for my future. My teacher said I had a natural talent and I am currently working on my knowledge of makeup application by reading and applying for new classes in the future. I have eve  been asked to complete a bridal lool for the bride I am so thrilled! Watch this coiffed and makeup winged eye space.
Here are some pics of the vintage look!


Hair from the back


Pin curls and french roll


The finished look!



I completed my beauty School day at Tameside College, below is the link to their adult courses.
Tameside College- Adult Courses


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