Lavender Hearts

Lavender Hearts

Just a quickie. When I was decorating the spare room to an inch of its life. We decided to move all my crafts and yarn upstairs to store there. It would give me better access and I’d be able to see what I was doing and what I had. Which  has improved my life no end!

However as I went through my stash I found a load of old knitted and fabric hearts. I made these last year with lavender grown in our garden. Some of them are a tad dodgy but I managed to save a few and make a colourful door hanging for the spare room and a heart for our door too. Lavender us such a relaxing floral scent and reminds me of summers in the garden and also my Mum as it’s her favourite scent. I just had to show you guys as if you are looking for a quick and easy gift for someone or to add.some handmade essence to your home this is and great way to do it. And you can use up old ends of yarn.

The pattern I used was from a magazine some are cabled, some are moss and some are star stitch. Isn’t it great when you stumble over old makes and you think actually these aren’t too bad!


Spare room hanging


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