The Spare

The Spare

Every house has a room we don’t talk about. A room of everything unwanted and dusty and old is left and piled high. The ‘spare’ room. We had a room just like that. My husband and I have finished the decorating throughout the house but whenever anyone came round the door to the spare room would be shut as things were hastily flung into it. Then one day when we were talking of inviting friends to stay and looking round our dismal little spare room we decided. Enough is enough. The spare room needs to be A room included in our house and just useful.

So for a fresh start we went for bright snowy white all over the walls and the ceiling. We also had to damp proof one of the walls as the winter has been cold and some condensation has got in. It felt so good to be getting rid of the magnolia and putting life back into the room and it added so much. The issue with this room is the size and awkwardness of this room. It was the compromise when we bought the house so it is a little snug. How could we fit any of our friends/family to stay without forcing them onto a single camp bed?

So we went to the mothership of all houses, Ikea. They have such a lot of awesome storage ideas and space saving options. We got a little grey sofa bed that folds our into a rather large double bed which is amazing. A tardis of a sofa. So now we had the bed option. However the next issue for me was the white and the white and then grey. As an all around creative type I love a bit of colour and this room needed colour!! I’ve been reading about ‘colour popping’Β  where you use bright colours on a white background and the change in colour really helps it pop!

I bought some cheap red and blue cushions from Ikea paired with a handmade patchwork cushion I made a few years ago it looked great. I also have a red rug I knitted a few years ago,Β Β  an owl Doorstop so they went in too. Then I went through all the colourful ornaments and left over cards and photos to add colour to the room. I also added some large pictures we had from previous properties that didn’t fit anywhere else in our house and luckily one was a Warhol print so that’s very colourful. It has become a bit Marilyn in there as two of my Marilyn pictures are hanging but I like that. We had a bookcase already that we filled full of our favourite books and items. And the room has become quite nostalgic with pieces of our past together in it which I love.

To finish, my old dolls house from when I was a kid now has space to be opened and looked in as I have fully kitted out my dolls house and all my yarns and bits of fabric and crafty things have found a new home in the room in a lovely wicker chest from Dunhelm Mill. But that’s another story.

This room has gone from being a forgotten spare room to a light and bright room where our friends can stay or you can just hang out in and read a book or make a craft. We had some friends up recently and it was so wonderful that they could both stay over! I love it, it’s so peaceful and I’m glad we have done it. Now onto the next DIY wonder!


Sofa bed


Some of our nostalgic ornaments


Books books books



Owl.doorstop and hearts


The yarn Chest


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