Pretty Kitty

Pretty Kitty

Needle felting. It’s something I have always wanted to try but I have never got round to. Recently whilst visiting my In-laws in lovely Bishops Castle I took a walk around their new little craft shop “Sheepish”. It’s so good and worth a visit. It’s in a great building with beams and characyer and it has a really lovely array of yarns and products. They also have needle felt kits! I couldn’t resist. They are buy a company called Black Dog and Ginger Cat. They have such a variety of animals to buy. I bought the beginnger kit for 2 little cats.

The brown bag it comes in contains 2 rounds of fleece one brown and one white, 2 types of ‘stabbing’ needles, a sewing needle, threads and beads for eyes and the instructions. It’s such an odd craft. At first I felt a bit like a loon stabbing some wool fleece into submission with a needle on a sponge but after a while it became strangely satisfying. You see the fleece start to thicken and roll into a shape. The instructions were great and really helpful.

As usual I started to change the item to my style I can’t help but change it and I smoothed the body of the cat on  the sides to make a neck and added extra fleece to the front to make a little face. What’s great about needle felt is that you can add just by adding a little fleece to the spot and if it is wrong stab it out with the needle. It’s great.

Here are my two little cats and I think this may begin a little needle felt obsession as it is so easy and fun! Have a go if you want something crafty but are afraid of knitting or sewing as anyone can do this.

P.S. the kit comes with plasters….you will need these

Sheepish Bishops Castle

Black Dog and Ginger Cat


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