Birthday Fiesta

Birthday Fiesta

I love my birthday. Everyone laughs but as I get older instead of worrying about my age I just celebrate my birthday harder! I now have a running joke that every year I have a Birthday Fiesta. I have a few nice days and events over the week to celebrate. Who wouldn’t want that? So this year was no different a birthday of meals out, cocktails and good times in Manchester! Let the Fiesta begin!

This year it began the week before with shopping and lunch with my Mum. It was such a lovely sunny dayΒ  I got loads of lovely new clothes from my favourite shop in the whole world, Joy. (I cannot explain my love of this shop but it is amazing pretty much only going there at the moment). After shopping we had cocktails and lunch at Avalanche in Manchester which was really nice. Proper Italian food but it was very quiet for a Saturday but so nice to spend quality time with my Mummy.


Me and Mamma


Me and my cocktail


Pornstar Martini my fave cocktail

My birthday was the following Friday (the 13th eeek) my husband gave me some lovely pink presents in the morning including a new Chanel perfume, Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche, ooh it smells so good and summery! After work that day we went to another favourite haunt of mine, The Grinch. Their Chicken Royale with a free glass of prosecco is the best! My surprise present was tickets to go see Mamma Mia at The Palace. It was seriously amazing the singing and acting was fabulous and it was so funny. As much as I love the film I love the stage show more. I’ve been singing it ever since!


Pink presents from Hubby


Birthday Girl



The next day was Saturday, after a chilled out day we went to Manchester again to Albert Schloss for food and drinks with some friends. This place is seriously good. I’ve been here a few times and it is just great the atmosphere is mental and busy but I love it. The food is good but the cocktails are the best!! It was Eurovision that night so they had some live performers doing their own little stage show which was very funny. The only downside is they are so busy that you have to wait all the time. Even though we booked a table for 7:30 we weren’t seated till 8! After Albert Schloss we crossed the road and went to a really nice champagne bar I haven’t been to before called Epernay. Ooh this is posh. They do proper cocktails and they are just delectable. I had one that tasted like Christmas literally Christmas in a glass! I will be going there again.


Friends and coctails




More pornstar Martinis

So Sunday was another chilled day I was flagging by this point to be honest. We spent the day at home while my husband worked on his garden which is starting to look beautiful and then went up to my parents house for a birthday buffet. Yum!

So obviously by Sunday I was exhausted and had to go to bed at 8! But it was an extremely good birthday this year. I’ve had some amazing meals out, got some lovely presents of my nearest and dearest. And it was just a really great birthday. Turning 27 wasn’t too shabby!



Here are some links to my birthday Fiesta.

Joy- the greatest shop in the world


The Grinch Manchester

Go see Mamma Mia

Albert Schloss



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