May Favourites

May Favourites

I haven’t done a post like this before but I love reading them and watching them on YouTube so I thought I would give it a go! So in no particular order here are my May favorites that I have been enjoying this month!….As well as a non favourite too as I am British and we do like to complain.

1) Miscellaneous favourite- Joy
No not the concept of Joy itself but Joy the Store. To be honest this would have been on my favourites list for the past 6 months. The shop is just amazing and the clothes are perfect for me. It is odd but every time I go in to the shop I find something good to wear. The clothes have a slight vintage edge to them which suits my style they are also really feminine and the colours and prints are amazing. For weddings and events their party dresses are beautiful. But the one in Manchester as well is just a lovely store I don’t get stressed in their waiting for a changing room and the staff are so helpful. I went in with my Mum and tried so much stuff on and they went and got my Mum a chair to sit on just nice things like that you wouldn’t get in a big shop so yes Joy the store. I love you.


JOY the store

2) Makeup favourite
My favourite make up item this month I actually have two the first is MUA Bronze and Sculpt. This little kit is so good! It’s in a gold sturdy pot which is great. The bottom half is a really nice warm bronzer which I personally think is a little too warm for contouring but it gives a really good just been on .you holiday glow. But the top section has a really lovely highlighter. It’s a subtle one for day wear but it gives such a nice sheen to the skin and blends really well and it has become my go to highlighter at the moment.


MUA Bronze and Sculpt

The second makeup fave is No 17 Wow. This is a three in one product you can use it to prime your face, add to your foubdation or to highlight as a separate product. I like it best as a primer it is a champagne colour and it is so glowy and leaves your skin looking so healthy whilst keeping your makeup on all day! Genius.


Number 17 Skin Wow

3) Beauty Favourite
My fave beauty product this month has got to be the Mask of Magnaminty by Lush. I have been investing in skin care recently as my skin is just not behaving and is all over the place.  This mask just helps calm everything down, it’s got peppermint oil in it which helps to brighten the skin and it helps fight spots by just sorting them out. After this mask my face feels clean and bright and I feel like I can face the world again.


Lush Mask of Magnaminty

4) Favourite Read
I read a lot. I commute to work on the train so I get through a hell of a lot of books each month I average one a week. One I definitely enjoyed this month was Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. I am a little late reading Harry Potter. (Try 15 years too late) buy as I didn’t read them when I was younger but love all the films one of my resolutions for the year was to read them all! This isn’t my favourite one so far but I really enjoyed it this month. J K Rowling is a pretty awesome author and I actually looked forward to reading it every day so has to be a favourite.


Harry Potter

5) Favourite food/drink
My favourite food and drink item this month…I love all food to be honest but I haven’t been eating one thing exclusively. I have however been reaching for a new drink in Boots however. As part of their shapers range they have brought out a range of drinks which are really refreshing and tasty but not as full of calories and sugar as some others. I really like the Pomegranate, Raspberry, Rose and Green tea drink. Ooh it is so tasty and I also feel like it is good for me with added vitamins which I need so much at the moment. So yes good drinking boots. I have also been eating out a lot this month I had my favourite Chicken Royale at Grinch, food at Albert Schloss, lunch twice at Pizza Express and lunch at another Italian Avalanche. So favourite food this month is anything in a restaurant.


6) Favourite Outfit
My clothing favourite this month I have two new dresses from JOY which just rock my world. But my favourite favourite is this pale blue sixties inspired dress with flowers on it. It fits me just right and made me feel very glam on my birthday. It can be dressed up or down and its just the kind of thing you find in Joy.


First blue sixties dress on my birthday

7) Favourite Moment
Final thing here but I have to say my favourite moment of the month is so hard to pick as it was my birthday and I did so many lovely things but I went to see Busted with my best friend and it was truly amazing! We had a brilliant time and it reminded me of all the good times we spent together growing up as teens listening to Busted and being a part of fandom but also it is their Pigs Can Fly Tour and its good to see them all together again. They are really really good talented musicians and the music was incredible and so that was my absolute favourite moment this month! #yourwhatIgotoschoolfor



8) Non Favourite
What didn’t I like this month…! To be perfectly honest a pair of shoes. How sad but I bought this gorgeous pair of sixties pointed kitten heels from Office last year and I wore them to go with one of my Joy dresses and I was in absolute agony. They cut all my feet made them swell and are so hard to walk in as they are not quite a heel not quite a flat…what are they? They have been banished to the back of the wardrobe until I try again next year and probably have the same experience.

I hope you enjoyed my list of favorites. I enjoyed writing it because my favourite thing is actually making lists!!


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