Rainbow Inspiration

Rainbow Inspiration

I have had a but of a knitting slump recently. It’s sad because knitting is my favourite thing to do but there has been so much going on and I’ve been planning so many other exciting things knitting has got pushed to one side and I had no inspiration at all. So I decided to instead of staring at the knitting chest I lovingly organised two months ago to pick up the needles and just go for it and see what happens.

On a whim I bought myself a rainbow marble yarn from a local shop in colours that would suit my house. Then using my favourite 4mm metal needles I started casting on moss stitch because it’s one of my fave stitches and just because I can.


Rainbow moss

Eventually I took it a bit more seriously and I have made a rather large and rather colourful draft excluder for the living room. I know it’s warming up now and it won’t be drafty anymore but the old excluder was a toy cat and it had had its day.

To make the excluder I just knitted in moss in rainbow wool till it was slightly longer than the door. I ripped open the old excluder to reuse the stuffing and the grit it had to make it heavy and the decorate it I made tassels for the corners. It’s a bit square and a bit long and very squashy but it does the job and looks very lovely.


Finished piece

Yes it’s a bit of a boring knit but starting to knit this suddenly filled my head with inspiration again and I was able to plan my next project and get excited about crafting and get out of my knitting slump. So thanks rainbow excluder as boring and squashy as you are you brought me back and my next project is already cast on!


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  1. But how fun to have something pretty you can look at every day and think, “Hey! I MADE that!” I’ve thought of making something like this, but I know my dogs would just destroy it.

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