Bella Casament

Bella Casament

I had the most amazing weekend last weekend. My sister in law lives in Barcelona. She’s pretty amazing she’s travelled all over the world and she speaks fluent Spanish and Catalan. Whilst she was living in Barcelona she met a local Catalan man and last weekend she got married!! I have to tell you about it as it was such a beautiful and fun wedding!

On the Friday me and hubby flew over really early for a whistle stop visit in Barcelona. We met his Uncle and Aunty on the plane and when  we landed wandered down Las Ramblas and had lunch down by the marina and lots of beer! It was so sunny one minute and then raining the next. After lunch we headed on the train to Sant Cugat which is where they live and were having the wedding. After a much needed siesta we went out that night with the rest of the family and her friends for an Italian in the main square. (I have noticed that Spanish love Italian  food as much as we do!)


Sant Cugat

The next day we got up and headed for a walk into Sant Cugat. Had some lunch and a drink in the square and a wander round the beautiful little town. After meeting his Mum by accident and having to help with a last minute wedding detail we went back to the hotel to rest before the party.

The wedding was in the evening at a local place called Las Malinas which was really nice. Problem was it was pouring down and we were in the middle of a thunderstorm. Once we managed to negotiate enough taxis for people the sun came out and it was glorious and sunny again. The Groom told everyone that rain on his wedding day was good luck. The bride in true style was 45 minutes late but when she arrived she was absolutely stunning and the ceremony was truly lovely. She said her vows in Catalan and he said his in English which was amazing.


The happiest bride

After the wedding and thousands of photos the canapés were out which were all traditional Catalan dishes with paella and ham as well. Then there was a sit down meal with lobster salad, steak and chocolate cake. (So good!) The funniest part of the wedding was the Spanish touches. So when the Bride and Groom entered the reception they danced around the tables whilst we waved napkins above our head. Like you do. Also they gave them a real sword to cut the cake!

After copious amounts of eating and drinking we started dancing at midnight and it went so fast I was dancing till 3Am without realising when we got the last taxi home.


Cutting the cake with a sword

The next day our flight wasn’t till 10pm so we hung around Sant Cugat again had some tapas said goodbye to the family at the hotel and set off back to Barcelona and the airport. Thoroughly exhausted but really happy and a bit sunburnt!

The thing I love most about weddings is the feeling of family. It was lovely to feel a part of such a big family. But more importantly it was amazing to see the Bride and Groom together so happy and so in love. The next day over a very hungover breakfast the Groom tols me that it was one of the happiest days of his life and that meant everything to me. It was one of the best weddings I have been to because you could see that it was everything they wanted. Even if I am a bit biased.


My family


Us with the Bride and Groom




Beautiful Bride



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