June Favourites


1) H&M

I am going on my summer holiday to Corfu this year. And I needed some last minute summer items. I wandered into H&M which is not somewhere I would usually think of first and their summer stuff is amazing. I got a pair of denim shorts  (not too short and not too long), a frilly floaty top thing, a dress for Β£4! And a bikini. The bikinis are particularly great as you can mix and match. I got some of this stuff in the sale too so it’s worth going having a look round if you need some summery stuff!

2) Peach on the Beach

When I went to the wedding in Barcelona I wanted a really bright, long lasting girly lip stick. I tried loads but in the end I went for the Bourjois Colour Boost Lip Crayon in Peach on the Beach. I have another of these in Proudly Naked. I just love them. They are so easy to apply really moisturising and give your lips a really nice colour that’s very long lasting. This colour in particular is a really nice summery shade.

3) Rosie Bea Lashes Kitty

Again I bought these for the wedding. I never wear false lashes. I think as I wear contacts I find huge false lashes irritating and I don’t enjoy the fake look it gives your eyes.  These lashes by Eyelure with youtuber Rosie Bea however are great. They are 3/4 length lashes and add a great amount of thickness. The Kitty ones flair out at the edges which add a vintage look that I really like. And they are a good price in Superdrug what’s not to love here!

4) Popcorn

I am getting obsessed with Popcorn. Not the usual stuff in the cinema but I’ve been having Popcorn in two different ways. The first is using it to scrub my face. I am using Let the Good Times Roll by Lush as a face scrub at the moment. It’s so nice it smells like caramel and its a really gentle and brightening scrub for the skin. The second is in my coffee, Costa are currently doing a Popcorn Cappuccino. Oh my gosh this coffee is beautiful and brightened my Mondays! Love it!

5) Reading: The Light Between Oceans by M.L.Steadman 

This books is wonderful. It’s so emotional, romantic and tragic. It’s set in Australia and is about a man called Tom, just after the war he goes to man a lighthouse in a distant island called Janus Rock. He ends up meeting a girl called Isabel who he marries and they live a quiet life on the lighthouse. However one day a boat crashes into the island holding a dead man and a crying baby. And they have to make a decision. Ooh it’s so good and I couldn’t put it down! I read it without realising it was a New York Times Bestseller which is no surprise. It’s also going to be made into a film so it is definitely worth reading now!

6) Miscellaneous 

Anti Hairball Dreamies. Not for me. My cat struggles with hairballs. He is only little and when he gets a Hairball they knock him out as he can’t get them up and he wanders round the house coughing. The cure however is Anti Hairball Dreamies! They are a dream and they stopped him coughing! Huzzah! I also assume they taste nice as he eats them all in seconds….


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