Corfu- Greek Paradise

Corfu- Greek Paradise

I am sad today as I am back home and its the one of the last days of my 2 week summer holiday! But I can’t be too sad as I had such a beautiful and amazing week in Corfu!

We flew with Jet2 to Corfu and stayed in La Riviera Apartments on Barbati Beach. I say on the Beach because it was literally a 1 minute walk to the beach. We decided to go self catering as me and my husband are quite private people when we are away and I didn’t want to go to a big Hotel full of other tourists. The apartments are perfect with our own bathroom, bedroom, kitchen/living room and a balcony with the perfect sea view! For meals we made our own but we also went to the local tavernas and sampled proper Greek food like moussaka, Stifado, souvlaki, of course calamari but most improbably baklava which is my absolute favourite now.  The restaurants are all cut into the cliff and so have beautiful views of their own. It’s so nice to go out for meals in the warmth.

Sunset View from the apartment

View from the restaurant

We wanted to relax completely so we spent the first 2 days on the Beach. And I am sad to say that in the 36Β°-37Β° heat I did burn a little which but I also got a pretty nice tan! The Beach was a pebbly beach and the water was so unbelievably warm and clear it was beautiful to swim and relax in.

Our beach camp

Sausage legs

On our third day we caught the bus into Corfu Town. The town is interesting as it has a lot of tiny streets and higgledy piggledy buildings. We had lunch and went exploring through the old streets. Ending up at the fort which is quite pivotal on Corfu’s history of being invaded and controlled by other countries. We climbed all the way to the top but boy it was so hot we couldn’t stand to stay under the sun like that so had to retreat for ice cream!

Corfu town


Our favourite day was Saturday. We had watched all week as people hired out little boats from Emilos Boats and disappeared round the coast. I was dying to see round the Ben of the coast do we hired one. He gave us a good deal on a speed boat and we set off after my husband had a 5 minute lesson in driving a boat! It was scary first setting off and we were afraid to go too near the beach in case the propellor got damaged which Emilio did warn us of 3 times before we set off. But the absolute freedom and joy of sailing round the coast was just amazing. We found this little cove near Agni in Corfu dropped anchor and spent the afternoon swimming and messing about in boats. It was a brilliant day I won’t forget. 


Sun bathing on our boat

Jumping into the water

Off on an adventure

The only downside to our holiday was leaving. I wish we had had more time to be there and just be together. As it is so nice to be without ph0nes, Internet and television and just get  a break together.  Barbati is a beautiful place and I would recommend everyone to go if you are after a small piece of paradise.

Last night:(

Lovely hubby and me


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