July Favourites

July Favourites

July was such a lovely month. I miss July. But I only have a few favourites so here goes.

1) Corfu

Barbati Corfu. I just loved my summer holiday to Barbati this year. It was just what we needed and so beautiful and sunny. I want to go back now! I have done a whole post on Barbati but I can not recommend Corfu enough! It has blue sky, blue waem ocean, bright sunshine, gorgeous food, lovely people, higgledy piggledy streets in town and very interesting history. What more do you need?

Barbati Beach Corfu

2) Vogue 100

I visited The Manchester Gallery in July to see the Vogue 100 exhibition. I wanted to see it in London but it was so expensive. Manchester have got a section of the exhibition and its free entry. It’s amazing full of beautiful and iconic images from Vogue’s history and it tells you a lot about the social history of the time of each image. Worth a go see! I’ll link the exhibition page below.

Vogue 100 Manchester 

3) Dr Rescue
This month I had tried a new nail varnish a gel one by Maybelline Dr Rescue. I know it’s only a nail varnish top coat but it is so good! I wore it on holiday over another varnish and it didn’t chip or melt in the heat. It’s really good at helping strengthen nails too to help them grow and keeps them glossy. And it’s very good value for money I think it was  Β£2.99 and other gel nail varnishes can be so expensive, which is good as I’ve used it so much I’ve run out! 

Dr Rescue Gel Top Coat

4) Martha Moo

My other Beauty Fave is Tanya Burr’s cream lipstick in Martha Moo from her Soft Luxe collection. It’s sold in Superdrug and is a matte cream lipstick. I’ve not tried these before as I have only just started even wearing lip sticks recently but it’s a really wearable shade, it’s a beautiful creamy consistency and it lasts really well. It also smells a bit of vanilla which is nice. The packaging is also lovely as it’s a matte tube with a gold lid. There are other colours in the collection that I may go and see!

Martha Moo Tanya Burr

5) Reading: The Muse by Jessie Burton
I read a lot of books on holiday and throughout this month. I’ve really been enjoying getting back into reading. However one that stands out is The Muse by Jessie Burton. It’s her second novel the first being The Miniaturist which is my favourite of the two but this book is an excellent read. It’s about two women connected over 30 years via a painting. Part of it is also set in the Spanish Civil War which is interesting as I don’t know much about that history. What I like about her books is that you can tell she researches them to death and has so many little details they are really vivid and this one kept me guessing.

The Muse Jessie Burton


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