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You may wonder if you do read my blog why there has not been many crafty posts of late. As crafty things are one of my favourite things! This is because I have been working on a monster challenge which has taken me a lot longer than expected and I am so glad it is over! I made a knitted camper van for my In-laws Ruby Wedding. 

My In-laws got married in at 19 and 20 years old in 1976. They are such an inspiration for a loving marriage and family working so well. I wanted to make a camper as they are campervan conisseurs and also were married in the flower power decade.

So I found a pattern on Ravelry made by Slightly Sheepish. I’ll link the page below. I think the pattern  was like Β£3.75 and its written really well and clearly. 

Slightly Sheepish Knitted Campervan Pattern
Just like any other knitted pattern I made all the flat pieces first. I am not always sure of what they will make when they are ready but it’s nice to follow them and choose the yarn. I went to Hobbycraft and chose two 4ply acrylic yarns in red and cream. I wanted red as it was their Ruby Wedding. The inside is made from a creamy beige yarn I already had the underside in grey and the wheels black. 

The crafty mess!

Each side is a sandwich. Which sounds odd but what you do is knit the outer layer the inner layer and then cut out the side template used tapestry plastic. This makes a sturdy 3D structure. I also blocked each section to make them flat and easier to work with as after 6 weeks in a knitting bag they were a little curly and worse for wear.

The pieces ready for blocking

Once I had finished the four sides (8 sections in total) two sides of the floor and the wheels I also made the inner seats. These were the hardest to do! The pattern is fine for knitting but the templates challenged my poor non logical brain so my hubby helped me with these. 
Before building the sides I actually wanted to embroider them with flowers for a nod to the seventies flower power. However as I am yet to master embroidery ( next on my craft to learn list!) I used duplicate stitch to go over certain stitches in the side with green to make a vine. I then used buttons as flowers. I also used duplicate stitch to put a B and a C on the back of the van which are my parents in laws initials. 

Finished side

Finished duplicate stitch side built

Once built I finished the whole thing with licence plates saying Pye 40, the VW badge for the front, the headlights and a bumper sticker and heart on the back using fabric glue. The bumper sticker is their wedding date 13/08/1976 

Back of the van

This camper van was such a challenge and the last few days of it were pretty tough. Although the pieces travelled with me to Corfu and around in a bag this last 6 weeks when it came to the actual building of the van it scared me to death. It really was mind over matter. I know it’s not a perfectly knitted and made thing. But for my first 3d knitted structure and for the romance behind it I think it worked out well. And I think they liked it too! 

The finished Camper Van

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