August Favourites

August Favourites

Waah August had been a crazy busy month and September is going to carry on into busy craziness but here are my favourites of the last month and as so much happened this month there is lots to discuss!

1) Visiting: The Clun Show

Ah the Clun Show. Clun is a little town near my parents in law in Shropshire. Every summer they do a show where people can bring their jams, crafts, cakes, vegetables, plants and display them. They then get marked and its a real appreciation of traditinal country crafts. My mother-in-law in her true crafty genius won the best cake, came second in embroidery for her beautiful cushion and also won the WI window display with her WI group. Even lovely little Florence came third in the Veteran Dog Show. So was a good day for Pyes everywhere. The fair also had some good food, cake and beer. A tree cutting axe show which was so cool and a load of vintage cars to look at. It was also a lovely day in the gorgeous sunshine in a beautiful country town with my family. I loved it. 

Ice creams at Clun

2) Doing: First Class Train Travel

Now one weekend this month I travelled on the trains non stop. I went to Birmingham on the Friday night, and then to Windsor on the Saturday via London and then all the way back up to Manchester on the Sunday. It was for one of my best and most lovely friends Hen do. Now I booked all my tickets via the Trainline App and somehow managed to get all First Class tickets! It was an accident but to be honest I truly enjoyed First Class travel. On the Friday I walked up and down  the train looking for my seat and was so surprised it was in First Class I thought it was a mistake and they would kick me out. But it’s so peaceful in there and you get free biscuits and drinks. The best First Class was the Virgin train London Euston to Manchester and you get a whole snack box of cheese and crackers and chocolate biscuits. I know trains aren’t ideal and you have to wait around for them but they do get you were you need to be and are so easy and relaxing once you are on them. If you can, try First Class it’s just so damned good!

Free stuff from Virgin Trains

3) Wearing: My First Red Lipstick

For my friends Hen Do the colour theme was red. We all had to wear something red so I chose red shoes and I bought myself some red lipstick. Now lipstick is new for me. It’s odd as I absolutely love makeup and I have tried all sorts of different looks and experimented with colours, eye shadows, glitters and all sorts but lipstick has always been something I avoided. I have been working on my confidence a lot recently and I’ve found different types of lip products really finish a makeup look and give me a tiny boost of confidence. For the Hen Do I bought a Rimmel Colour Rush in the colour 500 The Redder the Better. I bought this as it is a Colour Balm and is more of a lip crayon then a lipstick it’s very similar to the Bourjois ones I have tried before. It’s so easy to apply, conditions your lips really well, lasts all night and smells of peppermint. It leaves you with more of a matte finish but doesnt dry out your lips which I liked. What more do you need for my first red lipstick and the confidence boost and the touch of glamour it gave was perfect. Viva lipstick. 

Me, my gorgeous friend and my Rimmel Colour Burst

4) Reading: The Devil in the Marshalsea by Antonia Hodgson

Oh this book was such a surprise! I stumbled across this book for free in my Kindle Store and its the first of a two book series. The story is set in 1727 and follows the flawed but honourable main character Tom Hawkins who ends up losing all his money through the gambling and ends up in the Marshallsea Debtors prison. A few months before he ended up there a man was killed in the prison and in order to be set free he has to solve this mystery. That is the basic storyline but there is so much more to it! It has layers of intrigue and characters. The history is so interesting and you can tell that she has really researched and supported her book. It’s a bit gory in places too which is secrelty love. I couldn’t put it down. I am going to go get the second one….right now!

5) Eating at The Fig and Sparrow Manchester

My husband is a teacher and has been on school holidays so recently has been to meet me for lunch as I am at work all day. One afternoon we went to the Fig and Sparrow in Manchester. It’s such a nice teeny weeny cafe in the Northern Quarter. The front part is a little shop which sells kitchen things and gorgeous stationary and the back of the shop is an organic cafe with homemade breads and cakes. I love it here it is so peaceful and cute. I had beans on toast which came with its own little grater for cheese and he had a chicken and pesto sandwich. Followed by peanut butter brownies and  lemon poppyseed loaf and lots of freshly brewed coffee. Yum! The breads are so tasty and it’s also gluten free so it’s good for those of us who suffer without bread everyday. 

Fig and Sparrow Manchester

6) Watching: The Martian

I was so surprised with this film! I hate space movies where it’s astronauts lost in space and so stressful. And though this has elements of it its so gripping and also darkly humorous as this astronaut fights to survive on Mars. So good and worth a watch!

Last but not least!

7) Loving my husband (aww)

I have to give a shout out to my husband. He has been on summer holidays for the last 2 months. Which for most would mean lazing around and doing nothing for 8 weeks. But my husband has been doing all the tidying, cleaning and cooking. All the food shopping and errands and lots of DIY in the house including painting a very boring hallway, fence panel and cupboard doors. He has also been planning fun things to do at the weekend togethet, completing his work for his MA and job and has also been very supportive to me looking after me when I got extremely stressed this month and just being a generally wonderful and loving person. I am very lucky to have him in my life so he had to make it into my favourites this month. 


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