Just a quick word….


I just wanted to record this on here so that I remember more than anything. This time last year was the horrid for me. I’d just handed in my notice at my job which was the scariest thing I’d ever done. Scary because I didn’t think I would get another job and scary because of the company I was in at the time and as expected it didn’t go down well.

I’d just reached a point in my life where I needed more time to be myself and look for something else in my life other than work. I was also travelling so much during the week to and from work it was dragging me down and I was so tired and sad with life. I didn’t think I’d get another job straight away but I did through hard work and determination to apply and get myself seen. Although it wasn’t my dream job it is so much better and has allowed me to earn more and be more flexible with my life which has meant that the last year has been so much better. Also the commute was cut down to 30 minutes instead of 1h 30 minutes which helps! 

But the main thing I am so happy about is that it has given me the time to really think about my future and what I want to do. I am 27 now I feel like my decisions have more bearing and more impact on my life so I deliberate on them longer then I have before. But I made a decision and I signed up last night to do a course in Makeup Artistry. It’s a course part time in the evenings over a year and will let me qualify with a level 3 NVQ. It’s going to be a year of happiness and finally taking some time to pursue something I am passionate about. 

So I just wanted a record of this moment so that I remember how far I have come in a year and to record that I am following my New Years Resolution to…


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